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mosook group companies

Discover a world of possibilities under one roof, where our passion for excellence drives your success.
Mosook Group
Japan Engineering Consultancy

japan engineering consultancy

From concept to completion, we're your partners in engineering excellence, delivering solutions that redefine industries.
Japan Engineering Consultancy
Mosook General Contractor

Mosook General Contractor

Build your dreams from the ground up with our experienced general contracting team, where quality meets craftsmanship.
Mosook General Contractor
Mosook Elevators

Mosook Elevators

Elevate your building's functionality and aesthetics with our state-of-the-art elevator solutions.
Mosook Elevators
Mosook Training

Mosook Training

Invest in your team's/individual success with our engaging training programs, designed to empower and inspire.
Mosook Training
Mosook Management Consultancy

Mosook Management Consultancy

Navigate the complexities of the corporate world with our strategic guidance, paving the way for your success.
Mosook Management Consultancy
Mosook IT

Mosook IT

Unlock the power of technology with our cutting-edge IT solutions, tailored to propel your business forward.
Mosook IT
Mosook Industrial Consultancy

Mosook Industrial Consultancy

Optimize your industrial processes with our industry-leading consultancy, enhancing efficiency and profitability.
Mosook Industrial Consultancy
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Who we are

Since our establishment in 1999, Mosook Group has emerged as a beacon of excellence in Saudi Arabia. As a 100% Saudi company, we have cultivated a rich history of success, specializing in an array of services that span industrial engineering, project management, electromechanical plant maintenance, project execution, plant spare parts, heavy equipment, vehicle supplies, and trading. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and international partnerships, we have solidified our presence as an approved vendor with governmental organizations, including the Jubail and Yanbu Royal Commission, as well as renowned international companies such as Saudi Aramco, SATORP, SABIC, and many more. Our influence extends far and wide, and we take immense pride in our status as a trusted partner in various industries.


Majed Faleh Al-Baiji


At Mosook Group, we’ve embraced Total Quality Management (TQM) as the driving force behind our journey toward progress and prosperity. Since our establishment in 1999, we’ve passionately dedicated ourselves to serving society, continuously adapting to the times, and boldly envisioning the future. With a highly motivated team, we’ve cultivated strong strategic partnerships, emphasizing transparency and collaboration.

We’ve witnessed the consequences of stalled projects in developing nations, which underscore the need for efficient resource management and economic development. Mosook Group is well-positioned to engage with the aspirations of our contemporary world. Our vast experience and unwavering professionalism empower us to accelerate change and success in project management and implementation.

With TQM at the core of our philosophy, our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations by delivering efficient and comprehensive results. The pursuit of client satisfaction and trust is ingrained in everything we do. Join us as we modernize and elevate the standards for project management and usher in an era of excellence.


As we look ahead, we envision a world where businesses flourish, innovation thrives, and communities prosper. Mosook Group will continue to be a driving force behind these transformations, providing the expertise and resources necessary for a brighter future.


We are driven by a singular mission: to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals with the tools, guidance, and innovation they need to thrive. We believe in transforming visions into reality and turning challenges into opportunities.


Integrity, innovation, and insight are the pillars upon which our company stands. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible, and offer solutions that are not only practical but also visionary.

A Comprehensive Roadmap To Build Your Business

Planning &
Get the right planning from
our expert consultants
Mosook Industrial Consultancy

Established 2015. Offers quality and advanced consultancy services that services creative and advanced vision to develop more. Targets business development and enhancement, industrial sector development, work operation and management, skills development and training.

Engineering &
Get the right engineering
consultations from our experts
Japan Engineering Consultancy

Established in 2011. Offers creative, optimistic and advanced engineering solutions, project management techniques, engineering and industrial consultancy and project planning and training courses specific for engineers.

Construction &
Receive top-tier contracting services
and project execution from
our skilled professionals
Mosook General Contracting

Established in 1999. Offers implementation and execution of quality projects in gas, oil, petrochemical and steel companies such as Sabic and Maaden companies since more than 20 years.

Transportation &
Elevate your experience with cutting-edge
elevator designs and reliable installation
services from our industry specialists
Mosook Elevators

Established 2015. Implements and executes elevator projects certified from the kingdom’s civil defense and offers on site services on any location in Saudi Arabia

Strategic Leadership
& Business Insights
Advance your organization with
expert management consulting
and strategic insights from our
experienced business leaders
Mosook Management Consultancy

Established 2021. Offers quality management services to asses and help organizations and companies to enhance their management procedures through analyzing the current state of the organization and provide development plans that implies best practices followed in top organizations and corporate governance and development.

Technology & IT
Experience advanced IT solutions
and custom software development
from our dedicated tech experts
Mosook Information Technology

Established 2019, dedicated to providing exceptional private information technology consulting services that drive substantial improvements in company performance while fostering enhanced scalability and competitiveness. We specialize in guiding organizations through the ever-evolving technological landscape and equipping them with the latest innovations.

Learning, Growth
& Development
Empower your potential with
comprehensive training programs
and professional development
opportunities led by our
expert trainers
Mosook Training Center

Established in 2014. Provides the latest techniques on the job training (OJT ) for fresh graduates, new employees and business developers in the field of business and leadership skills. MTC aim to develop skills of new employees to meet job requirements and give guidance and professional programs to fill the gap between college output and business market input.

Exploration &
Discover the world with our bespoke
travel experiences and expert-guided
tours, crafted by our seasoned travel
Mosook Travel & Tourism

Website Coming Soon!

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Luxury Transport &
Personalized Service
Experience unparalleled elegance
and bespoke chauffeur services
with our fleet of luxury limousines,
driven by professional chauffeurs
Mosook Limo

Website/IOS App/ Android App Coming Soon!

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