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Mosook group is a 100% Saudi company specialized in Industrial engineering , project management , electromechanical plant maintenance , project execution , plant spare parts , heavy equipments, vehicles supplies and trading Business. It was established in 1999 with challenging vision.

Became registered as an approved vendor with different governmental organisations such as Jubail and Yanbu royal commission ( RC) , oil , gas , petrochemical and minerals international companies such as Saudi Aramco, Satorp, Sabic, Marafiq, SEC, Petrorabigh , Maaden , Sasref and others.

Mosook group is representing a hole sales , distribution and certified installer of Honeywell safety life line and PPE in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Mosook group is representing a hole sale and approved distributor and installer of Key Safety co. products such as safety gates and plat forms in the region .

Mosook group is representing Turkish 107 chartering services co. in kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Mosook group strengthen its position in varies economic sectors , it has forged links with an international business partners in fields of industrial and commercial.


Majed Faleh Al-Baiji


Total Quality Management (TQM) is an effective tool in managing and implementing projects and is said to be the major reason behind the current growth development and prosperity in the world. Mosook realizes that the secret behind the achievement of the project goal is through the implementation of TQM that calls for an integrated system of management. Mosook was established in 1999 with a purpose, vision and principles in order to achieve its goal of serving society and its continued development through an effective and professional team work. In order to achieve our target our philosophy is to read the past, live the present and extrapolate the future with the effort of consolidating the values and foundation with courage and certainty. Our ultimate belief in the value of experience and continuous effort to reach our goal with courage and decisiveness as our permanent philosophy. We also believe that there is a team of the right potential for development and prosperity in every epoch. Our team is the one involved and highly motivated towards continued development in the 21st century. We believe that true partnership and strategic alignments with other parties, will pave the road to reach the perfect destination we aim to reach which lies on the dedication to work and demonstration transparency. We realize that numerous projects in the developing nations have been stalled, which proved to be costly and have resulted in great drop down in development and resource management, as well as aborting many development plans which had a direct impact on the economy. Mosook has the capacity to be engaged in the aspirations of the world in the modern times with our experience and professional to accelerate change and success in implementing and managing projects. With TQM comes a client`s satisfaction and trust, and that what we aspire and work with all capabilities to meet, as we accept no less than efficient comprehensive result.


To be the most efficient and effective organization to engineer, execute and manage industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia corresponding with the Kingdom vision 2030.

To provide top quality products and services to our clients, support their development and operational needs, and enhance; their operations through our dedicated industrial services.



Transparency, Commitment, Trust, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Team Work, Honesty, Respect, Meeting Time-Frame-Based objective, Maturity, Reliability.

Our companies


Established 2021. Offers quality management services to asses and help organizations and companies to enhance their management procedures through analyzing the current state of the organization and provide development plans that implies best practices followed in top organizations and corporate governance and development.


Established 2015. Implements and executes elevator projects certified from the kingdom’s civil defense and offers on site services on any location in Saudi Arabia


Established in 2011. Offers creative, optimistic and advanced engineering solutions, project management techniques, engineering and industrial consultancy and project planning and training courses specific for engineers.


Established in 1999. Offers implementation and execution of quality projects in gas, oil, petrochemical and steel companies such as Sabic and Maaden companies since more than 20 years.


Established in 2014. Provides the latest techniques on the job training (OJT ) for fresh graduates, new employees and business developers in the field of business and leadership skills. MTC aim to Develop skills of new employee to meet job requirements and give guidance and professional programs to fill the gap between college output and business market input. MTC providing safety programs for industrial plants.


Established 2015. Offers quality and advanced consultancy services that services creative and advanced vision to develop more. Targets business development and enhancement, industrial sector development, work operation and management, skills development and training.


Established 2019, dedicated to providing exceptional private information technology consulting services that drive substantial improvements in company performance while fostering enhanced scalability and competitiveness. We specialize in guiding organizations through the ever-evolving technological landscape, equipping them with the latest innovations, and empowering them to harness these tools effectively.

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